Setting the Record Straight

Update: April 18, 2019

The United Steelworkers’ most recent claim—that the faculty count submitted to the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board was deliberately inflated—is baseless and false.    

To be clear: The University of Pittsburgh followed the PLRB’s process by submitting a required list of personnel who were on active appointments when the United Steelworkers filed their petition. Per the United Steelworkers’ petition, this list included all full-time and part-time faculty members and librarians. It did not include faculty members from the School of Medicine.

And as we have said all along: We will continue to follow the PLRB’s process, and we are committed to supporting Pitt faculty members regardless of how this issue evolves.  

Update: December 10, 2018

The Union of Pitt Faculty shared a statement from the Pitt Faculty Organizing Committee to its Facebook page on December 10 that is factually incorrect.

screenshot of Facebook post

To correct the record:

- No tenured faculty at Pitt-Titusville are being terminated. Instead, all of these faculty members were offered options to continue their careers at the University of Pittsburgh.

- Faculty members at Pitt-Titusville were not shut out of the planning process. Instead, faculty and staff were called on to actively participate through public town halls, publicly posted draft plans, and opportunities for public comment. In addition, we worked with a committee of Pitt-Titusville and Pitt-Bradford faculty members to consider alternative models for the campus.

- The University is not leaving the Pitt-Titusville campus. Our University faculty members will continue to teach students there as part of the new hub model, which is slated to launch in August 2020.